Forget the chicken and the egg. Let’s talk about the cement that makes the concrete.

The Permanente Quarry, now operated by Lehigh Cement, has been the Bay Area’s primary source of raw materials used for cement and aggregate production since 1939. Need proof? Just look up, look down, or look at what’s likely to be right in front of you, right now.

You see, whether you drive on it, live in it, work in it, go to school in it, or get everything from health care to tonight’s groceries inside it, chances are more than good that it was built with materials mined at our facility in the hills above Cupertino, California. To put this in perspective: long  before Apple revolutionized the personal computer, or Intel developed today’s lifesaving MRI technology, or even before that legendary Montana-to-Clark moment, Henry J. Kaiser dug into the local quarry that made all of the above possible.

It was a remarkably visionary decision that, in many ways, laid the foundation for today’s Silicon Valley. Not to mention providing the essential construction materials for projects ranging from the Shasta Dam to Highway 101, Stanford to Cal Berkeley, Levi’s Stadium to the San Jose Tech Museum. 

A small sample of projects using our cement:

Highway 87

Adobe Systems

Dumbarton Bridge

Valley Transportation Light Rail

Academy of Sciences Building in SF

Bay Bridge approach

SAP Center at San Jose

O’Connor Hospital

San Jose International Airport

Golden Gate Bridge

San Mateo Bridge


U.S 101

Highway 85

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