Digging into history. Literally.

You’ve probably heard his last name, but there’s even more to Henry J. Kaiser’s legacy than a famous health care network. In fact, from transportation to construction to shipbuilding to technology, his unique influence can be seen and felt in every corner of the Bay Area and California. Key to this amazing history: Kaiser’s 1939 decision to provide our region with the progress-propelling ability to locally source the cement needed for construction projects, large and small.

Kaiser and the Quarry

Permanente Quarry takes its name from Permanente Creek, a small waterway that snakes its way through the property. Initially, Kaiser intended to use the quarry to provide the majority of the raw materials necessary for the concrete to build the Shasta Dam. But that just proved to be only one way this facility would prove pivotal. In fact, from playing a key role in World War II to enabling the construction of most of our area’s major transportation corridors to serving as essential materials for many of the region’s most iconic structures, you’ll find concrete evidence of Kaiser’s vision just about everywhere you look.